Search Engine Optimization Services

We provide search engine optimization services to help your business maximize its visibility in a crowded online marketplace.

Gone are the days when having effective keywords would generate first page Google ranking.  Search engine optimization is a much more in-depth process, and takes time and effort on the part of your web consultant, and you as the small business owner.  The search engine algorithms used today look at the content of a website more than its keywords.    That’s not to say that solid keywords are no longer important, but due to tactics such as “keyword stuffing”, Google has changed their algorithms.  Google now looks at things at content to determine the “authority” of a website.  Because of this, a savvy entrepreneur doesn’t just launch their site and leave it to gather dust for several years until they “get around” to updating it again.  Content must be dynamic, relevant to the industry, and most importantly, relevant to your customer.  So what can you do as a small business owner can keep things fresh?  Here are a few very simple examples:

Latest News Page

One way to keep your content fresh is to have a “latest news” page on your site where you can share the latest happenings with your company.  What are some recent accomplishments you’ve had?  Are there any interesting projects you’ve been working on?  But beware, if you decide to go this route, be sure to keep this page updated.  There are few things worse for a would-be customer than to go to your latest news page and see no updates for months or years.


Blogging has become a popular method of delivering fresh content to your followers and their friends, as well as to those searching for information.  When given the ability to share this content on social media, your current followers can bring in new business through this shared content.  According to Sekari, 52% of of consumers have been influenced in a purchasing decision by a blog.  57% of businesses who maintain a blog have acquired new customers from their blog.  When deciding what to blog about, don’t be afraid to give away bits of information or useful tips to your customers.  Giving away free information is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and will solidify that reputation with potential customers who might one day become paying customers.  Also, don’t be afraid to balance industry related content with personal content.  People like to know that a company is made up of real people, not some multi-national corporation.  Maybe you take one employee per month and do a “get to know you” piece.  In my experience, people love to get to know those behind the business.  This also goes a long way in building trust with your clients.

Video Content

Another way to share those free tips and information I mentioned previously is through video content.  Are you a contractor who has the best technique for patching a hole in a wall?  Show how its done through a video.  This takes a bit more commitment than the previous 2 options, but can pay off in traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Services

These quick tips should give you as the business owner some ideas of what you can do to improve your search engine ranking.  However, there is a lot more work that goes into optimizing a website, which is where we come in.  We provide search engine optimization services to help you establish the necessary foundation for an effective online presence. Give us a call, or email us through the contact form and let us know how we can help you.