The most recent project I’ve been working on is a site redesign for ALR Guitars.  ALR Guitars is a Nashville-based Luthier who makes custom, one-off, hand-made electric guitars, and let me tell you, these guitars are top-notch!  If you’re a musician in the Nashville area and you get a chance to go play one of these, don’t pass it up!

For the ALR site, we used a theme-based layout on the WordPress CMS, which gives them the ability to  access and change all the content on the site with ease.  These days, fresh content is key.  Keywords are no longer enough to give your site a solid google ranking.  In fact, many professional developers have abandoned keywords altogether.  Search engine robots crawl the web and index sites based upon changes in content (i.e. selectable text on a web page).

If your content is sparse, or you rarely update your content, then your web presence may actually be hurting you.  Sonnet offers ongoing content management services for a monthly fee, as well as a free site  assessment to see how your current site performs.  If you feel like you might be in need of some fresh content, or just want to see how your site is performing, contact us today!